Thursday, February 11, 2010

Because there are other things I don't want to do more

I'm posting as a form of procrastination. I have tons of things to do, most of which are urgent, none of which are fun, and all of which are making me want to hide in bed with the comforter over my head. If I can't see it, I don't have to deal with it, right?

As part of my ongoing efforts to put off unpleasant tasks, I've been doing a considerable amount of knitting. I've got a little progress to report on my finish or frog list, and I've actually started (or am about to start) two new projects (I know, I know, but I needed a sock project to work on and I had a new Rockin' Sock Club kit to open, and then the Yarn Harlot started the Winter Knitting Olympics, and I had a skein of Wollmeise that was just begging to get knitted up into this.) I mean look at this -- how could I resist?
This picture does not do it justice. I can't wait to cast on tomorrow night!

Finish or Frog Progress (from this post)

And there are pictures!
1. The Reluctant Scarf -- done!

10. Purple Tomato -- an inch to go until I hit the bottom ribbing. I'm almost there.

13. Twisted Flower Socks -- done!

14. Market Bag -- done!

15. Plaid Messenger Bag -- done!
Please note the official yarn inspector, first class, there in the lower right.

All this yarn, and she doesn't get to chew on any of it. You'd be disgruntled, too.

This was a nice break from the proofreading I ought to have been doing, but all those French vowels aren't going to get their accents put in by themselves. I'm off to go insert some accents aigus. And then my duvet and I have a little appointment to keep.