Sunday, May 13, 2007

Summer of Socks!

I joined a knit-a-long. Since I'm currently addicted to sock knitting, I thought this would be a good one. Also, there aren't any requirements other than liking sock knitting, so I think it sounds like something I can commit to. It starts on June 21.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Eight months without a post. That's pretty sad. I'd feel worse about it, except I don't really think anyone reads this. But I'm trying again, again. I think maybe I'll eventually get the hang of this.

There is much to report in my life, but not much that I can really freely blog about. I'm leaving my current job, moving, and starting graduate school. (The plan is to eventually become Erin, Ph.D. ) I have had lots of anxiety about whether or not grad school is a good idea, whether or not I picked the right program, and whether or not I am insane to be trying this.

As an aside, if I'm going to be studying American stuff, why do I need to take two foreign languages? All the literature I'm going to need will be in English. I guess it makes me look smarter and better educated. Je pense que c'est une idée stupide. I don't know if I got the gender and accents right on that, though, so I guess it's probably time to get studying. Merde.

I'm feeling a little bit of panic over all the big changes in my life, and my response to all of them has been to make like a turtle and hide here in my apartment. But that, I hope, is coming to an end soon, or at least soonish.

Coming soon: materialism and the perils of moving to a super tiny apartment, crazy things my cat has and hasn't eaten lately, and my very first finished hand-knit sweater! Also, socks! This blog just gets more and more exciting, doesn't it?