Thursday, September 28, 2006

Erin participates on the web! Yay!

Hi there!

So, I signed up for Socktoberfest! I'm very excited because I haven't done any knitalongs before. This one seems very laid-back, which is good, plus, it combines two things I enjoy -- socks and beer. Well, the beer isn't mandatory, but I think it will make things more fun.

My goal for Socktoberfest is to finish my stripey socks (I have 2/3 a sock at the moment) and to finish one sock out of a pair of Jaywalkers.

Here's my button for Socktoberfest (gee, that's fun to type). Oh look, it showed up up there. I'll figure this out eventually.

I hope to figure out how to link it and get it into my sidebar soonish.

Here's the link for Socktoberfest: