Thursday, March 18, 2010

WT week one

Having done my questionnaire, I'm moving on to the rest of this week's tasks.
  • Remove one (and only one!) unsuccessful item from your wardrobe. My discard item for this week is a pair of brown jeans. I'm sure this will come up again when we get to the pants-related week, but I've decided that I'm going to stop buying pants that aren't black or grey (not counting jeans). Pants that are other colors just never work for me. And there's something particularly hideous about these. I bought them in what can only be considered a fit of shopping madness. See, most of the time, I'm cheap. I'll see things I like in stores, but I won't buy them, because they seem like too much money. But every now and then, I'll need new clothing in a hurry, or I'll be determined to get some new item of clothing. Of course, when this happens, there's never anything in the stores I like. But I have to buy something, so unwise purchases are made. These jeans were one of those bad ideas. There may be people out there for whom brown jeans are flattering. I am not one of them. They made me feel extra frumpy. Which is quite the accomplishment.
  • Do something that makes you feel good about your body. As I mentioned in the questionnaire, I really hate my hair right now. I've been really remiss about getting haircuts since I moved to New York. I was just really intimidated by the prospect of finding a nice salon that wouldn't charge and arm and a leg, so I didn't get haircuts. The situation would get dire and then I'd go do something crazy like duck into a salon while I was in another state visiting a friend. My hair was getting long and unmanageable again -- about halfway down my back -- and there was a nice looking salon in between school and my favorite deli, so this week I bit the bullet, made an appointment, and got a haircut. It only cost an arm, but it was worth it. I now have a swingy chin-length bob and my head feels a ton lighter. The jury's still out on whether or not I'll be able to replicate the effects of the truly awesome blow-out I got in the salon, but I'm pretty happy with it right now.
  • Find yourself some sources of inspiration on personal style. I'm off to go do this now. I did buy some knitting magazines tonight -- Interweave Knits and Knitscene -- I always love the way the models are styled in these, and I'm sure I'll find some good inspiration in there. (I love this cardigan so much that I think I'm going to have to knit it.) I'll report back soon with more inspiration.


drwende said...

The PANIC PURCHASE! I knew there was a term associated with Mysteries of the Lost Shopping Trip that I was forgetting, and your brown jeans remind me oh-so-vividly...

Martha Jane said...

I have always thought you had amazing hair. I know it's been a while since we've seen each other, but isn't it chestnut, straight, thick, and fantastically healthy looking, like you could be a real Rupunzel? I watch Pantene commercials and think (sour grapes) no one has hair like that – it’s a wig, it’s the lighting, it’s a weave. But then I think, Erin…Erin has that hair.

Wish I could remember the tapestry cat vest. Unfortunately, I only remember my own wardrobe horribleness from that time.

Martha Jane said...

OMG - That's the Cardi I want too!!! Quick, knit it before I do so I can ask you questions. I'll be waiting until late July when the kid is out and my body is starting to shrink back.

Erin said...

Oh the Panic Purchase! How many times have I fallen victim to that. At least I've got a name for it now.

Martha Jane -- my hair's still the same color, but it's gotten much finer as I've gotten older. I essentially have my mom and grandma's hair, and this happened to them too. Thanks so much for the compliment, though. It's more appreciated than you know.
I want that cardigan so badly, and the yarn it's pictured in isn't that expensive... I think I'll get on it as soon as I finish a few more items off of my giant list of works in progress.