Monday, April 27, 2009

It's really a post!

Just poking my head above water to say that I just took and passed exam number two on twentieth-century decorative arts and design of Europe and America.

Since I normally focus on early America, this one was a big stretch for me, and I hope I manage to retain at least a little bit of all the stuff I've been cramming in my head this semester. I'm afraid I'll forget it all now. Though I've been in a state of perpetual nervousness for the last few days, I actually really enjoyed both halves of the test. Is that weird? Probably.

I feel a great sense of relief, tempered by the knowledge that exam number three is lurking just a few weeks around the corner and there are still so many books to read. I'm taking tonight and tomorrow off, and will then dive back in to American cultural history.

I'll be back again on May 18th, hopefully with some good news.