Tuesday, August 15, 2006



Here I am.

You know, there are only so many times I can say I'm starting over on this blogging thing before even I start to not believe it anymore.

But, I'm a big optimist, so I'm not quite there yet.

So here's my problem, broken into small managable bits, as well as my proposed solution:

1. I'm lazy.
  • Well, I don't quite know what to do about this. I've tried to combat this by making my desk / computer area as pleasant as possible, but I still have a hard time sitting in front of the computer when it's summertime. We'll see what my excuse is come fall.

2. I'm busy.

  • I am, really. I've got plenty to do at work, plus I have a big, not-quite-work-related project that is due very soon, and I feel kind of guilty if I spend any non-work computer time doing anything other than this project. My solution? Don't work on the computer at all! It's brilliant, but it doesn't really get any work done, now does it?

3. I don't know what to write about.

  • This is a problem. I'm most attracted to knit and craft blogs and I love the idea of participating in knitalongs and swaps, so that may be where this thing is heading. I might also post cat pictures.

Well, that's it for now. I'm heading back to Texas for some vacation and (drumroll, please) my high school reunion. I am highly ambivalent about this event, but am consoling myself with two thoughts. My best friend will be there and I think there's an open bar.

Since my parents go to bed extremely early, I'm hopeful that I'll get some posting done while I'm there.